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  • 08:43:46 am on May 4, 2011 | Comments Off on The End is Near | # |

    It is getting towards the end of the school year. This is a really exciting time, so that I can be that much closer to moving on to another aspect of my life, but it is really weird too. I have been at college for three years now. That is a long period of time, but as I look back on it, it seems super short. I am supposed to be able to know what I am going to do with the rest of my life, or at least the next part of my life next year. It is a scary, but great thing. But, that is not without a lot of hard work.

    This next week is the “Dead Week” as it is called. That means that there is not supposed to be a lot of homework and you are supposed to study–hypothetically. I have a few tests, a homework or two, and two projects to turn in. This next week is going to be rough unfortunately. I always look forward to ending out the school year just for a break from school, but never look forward to these last few weeks. There is a lot of studying and stress and it is crazy. But I will make it through because all students always do…and I guess that includes me too…

    Also, I have been the President of the Residence Hall Association for the last two years. We had elections a few weeks back and someone else is the President for next year. I was not running, so I am not bitter about that. Monday is my last meeting to run as the President and it is a very sad thing. It is amazing to know that I have had such an awesome experience changing peoples lives and making the residence halls a better place, but it is sad to think that my time to lead the group is over. I have loved the time  I have spend and gained tons of experience and knowledge that I would not have gained elsewhere. I am happy for that, but it is still sad to see it move on. Thankfully, I decided to do an awards ceremony on Monday for the people in RHA. We have never done this before, but I wanted to thank all the awesome people there. Also, I bought an award/trophy for my advisor because he has been doing this for years and never gotten any reward or thanks. So I am doing something small to change that. Monday will be a great night.

    But, I have to go balance my checkbook to make sure I have enough money to pay all my bills as well as study for a few group projects. I will probably blog again after finals is over and be very excited about that.


  • 03:05:11 pm on April 7, 2011 | Comments Off on Crazy, Crazy, Crazy | # |

    So….it has been a little while since I last gave a post on here. I would like to do this more often, but sometimes it just doesn’t work out with my hectic schedule of clubs and organizations on top of school. So, here is a quick run-down of what has happened since my last post.

    So my last post was 2 weeks before spring break. So that weekend, I had to do a lot of studying for tests as well as prepare for presentations and lab reports and homeworks that were due. It was a packed weekend already, but I was already committed to other events as well. I sometimes wonder why I do so much….haha. But first off, that Saturday I went and helped judge at a high school regional science fair. This is the second year I have done this and it is a ton of fun. I go around during judging sessions and talk to the students that did the projects and evaluate their scientific theory and the whole project. This is a great experience and a ton of fun! And, I got selected randomly as a finalist judge, so I got to judge all of the best projects, which always makes it great. So that was a fantastic time overall–one of the people I judged got first place I think. Rock ClimbingAfter that, I went to a rock climbing competition at the gym that I climb at weekly. It was a college competition of different colleges in the state and it was a blast as well. Since I was kinda tired from being stressed and working the science fair, I didn’t do real great, but I still enjoyed it fully.

    That next week was the week before spring break. That means lots of tests and projects and presentations. I think I had three tests that week and all of them were in my core engineering classes. That week may have been the hardest week of my college career so far. Thankfully, that is just one horrible week out of the dozens of college that have been fantastic, though.

    river viewThen, SPRING BREAK!!!!! Thank God! I don’t know how I would survive without spring break. I basically sat around and relaxed.  This may sound a little boring, but trust me, after the previous week I had, it is well deserved and worth every second. I didn’t even have to go to work that week, which made it so much better as well. But, I did do a few fun things…first off my girlfriend came down and we played some tennis and watched some movies and such. She lives in Denver because she graduated last year with a Biology/Chemistry double major. She is crazy. Outdoor rock climbingI also went outdoor rock climbing. This is something that is fantastic and totally worth it. You get to go outside and enjoy all of God’s creation and do some fun stuff like rock climbing too. Doesn’t get much better than that. So that was my basic spring break. It may sound somewhat uneventful, but that was planned. It was needed.

    Then school starts up again…and if I thought I was running out of motivation before spring break, it is amplified by at least three times that next week. I have been used to not doing very much and then I have to go and get into the full swing of things again. Lets just say those first few days were a little rough…I am now back in it in full swing again, but it has taken a full week to get back into all of it. This last week has been somewhat uneventful, but I do have great summer news as well. My girlfriend and I are taking a trip to Seattle over the summer for a week when she has off of work. There is nothing specifically special about Seattle, but I haven’t really traveled very much in my life until I got to college and have gotten to travel with RHA. So anywhere I haven’t been, I want to go. So neither of us have been there, so we are taking a trip. It is going to be fantastic and a blast.

    But, that is about all I have done (that I remember) these last few weeks. Well, now as I typed that I just remembered on other random thing but something to talk about nonetheless…The other day I found a white patch of hair on my head. I never had the white patch before, but now I have one distinctly. So apparently I live a stressful life and all I do has given me a white patch. So the moral is be involved but don’t do so much that you get a white patch of hair. But anyway, hope you enjoy this and talk again soon.

  • 02:35:35 pm on March 11, 2011 | Comments Off on A Start to it All | # |

    So I really don’t know where to start on this blog. I have never really blogged or done anything like this, and I am a mechanical engineering major, so I am not exactly the best writer either. I have never kept a diary or anything that tells what I do for a living and do on a day-to-day basis.  So, I will see what I can do to try and get that down on paper. Bear with me if it is a little slow to begin with as I am figuring it all out.

    Mountain sunsetI am sure you read my little bio, and if not, you can go do it now. I am a junior here at UCCS. This semester, I actually have less credits than any other semester previous, but I still have more work to do. Maybe that is just what happens when you get further in on the Mechanical Engineering degree. But, the good news is that by this point I have learned how to manage my time good enough to get it all done.

    I live on campus in the apartments as well. A lot of people seem to think that that is not the best and a house is better, but I disagree. I get to walk to school everyday in the beautiful weather (or not so beautiful some days) and never have to worry about bills or parking. That is a pretty good deal to me. And, my roommates are awesome. I have lived with my roommates for 3 years now, in the same room, and we have never had any real problems. We all buy food on different weeks and share all of it. Basically everything in the room is shared and we never have problems.

    I also work in the Science and Engineering Building for a engineering professor. I basically do graduate level research as an undergraduate. The experience is great, if not a little stressful right now. My job right now is running computer simulations that show how lasers interact with gases. So if the gas is heated or what happens. It is interesting. Also, I am writing a journal paper that should be published this fall. So that job is awesome.

    Other than all of that joyfulness, I am involved in like six clubs. I am the President of the Residence Hall Association, where we do programming and advocate for every resident on campus. Also, I am part of the National Residence Hall Honorary, which is the top 10% of all students that live in housing. We do volunteer activities and write OTM’s. These are “Of The Months” where we write awards for best student or RA or advisor or program to recognize all the awesome people around us. I am also apart of the climbing club and I go to a gym in the city once a week and rock climb. Last semester I went twice a week, but since this semester is so crazy, that is not quite working out. But once a week is enough to unwind. There are other minor clubs and groups I am apart of, and I am sure I will talk of them later, but those are the biggest. I have found that being involved has actually helped me with my school, which is counter-intuitive. It seems the more time you do other stuff, the less time you have for school, but actually if you are involved, it helps you prioritize and manage time and all of that, so it is great.

    But anyway, that is just  a brief intro to me and this blog I guess. I have put in the picture of what I see almost every day walking home. Hopefully you will think it is a beautiful as I do.