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  • 09:39:53 am on April 28, 2011 | Comments Off on Who says college isn’t fun!? | # |

    Think college is all business and no fun, think again. I never imagined that in college I would be hiking around the nationally treasured Garden of the Gods for class! Somehow before I came to college I just imagined larger text books and tougher material, which isn’t always completely wrong either.

    Although I am a Finance major I still needed to fill my science lab requirement. : /  I was never a big fan of science and the thought of a college chemistry or biology class made me sick. While I was looking through all the lower level science labs offered I found a class called Environment Science. I love being outdoors and the environment so I figured what the heck. After taking the class this semester I have absolutely loved the class. While some of my friends have been struggling to balance chemical equations I have been in class talking about topics like, “Why is the Colorado River running dry?”trail

    Along with the class we take 4 or 5 field trips. We have gone everywhere from the Water Treatment Plant to our latest destination Garden of the Gods. Now don’t get me wrong, I have been to “the Garden” nearly 100 times, no lie. It is one of those things that you Must do as a freshman when you arrive at UCCS, it is one of many local treasures. However, I have never really thought about the make-up of the Garden or the fact that 2 million visitors arrive there each year!

    Basic lesson of our guide was to be respectful of nature or it will disappear. I take this pretty serious because I love Colorado and love being outdoors. I think nothing beats a day up in the mountains after working hard all week in school. And this week I realized sometimes going into the mountains is part of school! I got the best of both worlds. UCCS is really a unique place to be. Not many schools have multiple hiking trails that start right behind the building you are taking classes in! Within a short 30 minute drive you could be at the base of a 14,000ft mountain or camping near Woodland Park.

    It doesn’t get any better than this…


  • 02:40:17 pm on March 11, 2011 | Comments Off on 4 hour drive to Aspen? | # |

    There are many things that I LOVE about Colorado but ski season might top it all! Last weekend the roommates and I decided to roll up to Aspen to get in some quality snowboarding. Driving in car I might warn you that weather forecasters are hardly right when you need them to be. We thought we were in the clear to leave last Thursday. Well… We got hit by a near blizzard. I-70 was closed due to multiple accidents in Vail. Once we got through Buena Vista we realized why I-70 was closed real quick. While we were on the road it snowed 6-12 inches around Leadville and Vail.  The 4hr long drive to Aspen turned into a 6hr drive in white-out conditions holding 35mph… We finally got up to Aspen Thursday night at 1am.

    Now that I’m done being a “negative Nancy”, I might mention a pretty funny sidenote to the drive up. We happened to stop for gas in Leadville. I fill up the car then follow my roommates into the store. I get in there and find out my roommate left his wallet in the car, how convenient ! Looks like I’m paying. Well I have an extra dollar in my wallet so figured, mise well buy a lottery ticket. As I talk about buying a lottery ticket my roommate tells me he’s never bought one in his life, probably for the best. You have better odds getting in an accident on your way to get a lottery ticket than of winning big, true story. Anyways, I told him I’d buy his first lottery ticket for him. Told him if he wins were splitting it though. So, he scratches it off andddd oh boy, $70 winnings!  Can you believe it? The girl working in the gas station found this pretty amusing as well. Always helps to win money when your down or stuck in a blizzard!

    Skiis on mountainAlthough the drive up was brutal, sweet dog was it worth it. In case you didn’t know Aspen is in the top 10 ski resorts in the world according to almost every ski/snowboarding rating system there is; and I can see why. Aspen boasts 4 incredible mountains to ride or ski, Snowmass, Buttermilk, Aspen Highlands, and Aspen Mountain. We were there all weekend so actually managed to hit them all. Snowmass was my favorite. By the way Snowmass is where the 2011 Winter X-games was held.

    Other than 1 roommate being convinced he gave himself a concussion (which he definitely didn’t by the way he’s just a baby) and 1 roommate about breaking his hip on a rail; it was a really successful weekend. I have a season pass to Copper Mountain and Winter Park which is so sick; but snowboarding in Aspen was definitely a treat.

    Staying in Springs this weekend. No snowboarding but still should be a great weekend! Some friends are Dj’ing at Hondo’s Sports Bar & Grill tonight; bring on some house music and drink specials!