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  • 03:05:57 pm on March 12, 2012 | Comments Off on gym mouse

    It may be March, but I have finally set a new years resolution: to run a half marathon. So guess where I’ve been spending all my time? The UCCS Recreation Center! Our Rec. Center was the very first LEED Gold Certified gymSymbol in the state of Colorado, which means that when it was built, they took environmental factors into consideration. AND, the recreation center utilizes renewable energy and has water efficient landscaping.

    With an entire college campus wanting to get their workout on at these awesome facilities, it gets pretty busy sometimes. I’ve found Friday afternoon to be my favorite time to go because there aren’t too many people. Plus, I have my choice of the machines in front of the huge windows that overlook the beautiful Pikes Peak. Lucky for you guys the Rec. center is expanding! Unfortunately for me, I will be long gone by the time the project is complete.

    buildingI wouldn’t call myself a gym rat quite yet, but I could go for gym mouse (plus mice are much cuter).

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