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  • 09:47:54 am on January 17, 2012 | Comments Off on Who Doesn’t Want to be Popular?

    I hope you all like my title =D

    This post isn’t really about popularity but more about finding a group of people who will make your experience more worthwhile during college.

    I personally think one of the most important things to look at when deciding which college or university you are going to attend are the activities. How are students staying involved? What are things that the students participate in on the weekends? Are the students nice and easy to meet and talk to? Does the university really care about what the students want to do outside of the classroom?

    These were questions that I asked myself before I made my decision to attend UCCS. For me, when it came down to where I was going in Fall 2009, I had to make a decision between UCCS and NMSU in Las Cruces. Both were, and are, great places to attend, but I felt that UCCS had more to offer me when it came to staying involved. I have always been an active person and I am always involved in something, so this was very important for my decision. At UCCS there are over 160 clubs ranging from the Young Democrats to the Beard Growing Club, and everything in between. When I went on my campus tour I made sure to look at the club list to see if there was something that did interest me. I also looked at what campus events were being hosted not only for all of the students, but also specifically for the students in the residence halls because I didn’t want to have the urge to go home EVERY weekend. (The occasional weekend is acceptable lol)

    Overall, I am very happy with the choice that I made. I have had the opportunity to not only join clubs and organizations on campus, but also become a leader and have a voice for the activities that I chose to participate in. Although making friends and being involved in clubs isn’t the main reason that you attend college, it is very important in relation to the entire experience and package of what you got out of the 3 to 5 years you spent all of that money and time.

    For me, I wanted to become more aware of my identity from a cultural perspective so I knew that I was going to join the Black Student Union once I entered college. What I didn’t know was that I would eventually join a sorority. Do I regret it? No way! I have learned so much about myself from joining both a club and organization that I know it will be beneficial once I do graduate and begin pursuing a career. I know that when I go out to find my ideal career I will have leadership experience, a diverse background, goals and accomplishments that I can discuss during the interview, and letters of recommendation and personal references from the people who I have met along my journey through college because I decided to become involved.

    Even if clubs and organizations are not something you may be interested in, look at the events and resources that are available to and for the students. This is not only important socially, but also academically. Events that you are interested in will lead you towards finding other people who are also interested in that event, ultimately creating a beautiful friendship =) I gained many of my friends by attending an event that I thought was interesting. One example is through my love of going out and dancing. UCCS hosts a Foam dance party, Homecoming dance, and a Blacklight party for the students. Each time that I would attend one of these dances, I would meet other students who also enjoyed dancing so then we not only attended the on campus dances but we began going off campus to experience dancing at the clubs downtown. Through this activity, I not only gained new friends but I also gained new resources for information that I was interested in.

    So basically, when deciding on a college to attend, always take into consideration what the students do for fun both on and off campus because academics are not the only important things that you should take away from your college experience. Look at the events that are put on for the students, ask to find out what students do on weekends or in their spare time, check out the clubs, organizations, intramural sports, and resources that are available to the students. Basically look at it as if you were to spend 4 years of your life doing something, what additional things would make that the best experience and thing you ever did?

    Okay, that is it for me. I hope you enjoyed!

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