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  • 10:31:22 am on October 19, 2011 | Comments Off on At One with UCCS.

    I remember when I’d walk the halls of my high school ( Go Centennial Bulldogs! ) and sit in the desks and have lunch in the cafeteria– I had this sense of “this is a part of me.”

    Some would call it pride.

    But for me, I call it One-ness.

    I feel that here at UCCS. As cheesy as it sounds, this campus is a part of me– it has really begun to define me while at the same time I have started to define UCCS too.

    When I pass the clock tower, walk through the UC, or eat at Clyde’s- I really feel at home.

    It’s a hard feeling to describe, but we have all felt this feeling before- whether it’s at home or grandma’s house, the passenger seat of your best friend’s car, or your favorite spot in the sun at the park– we’ve all felt ” At One” with someone or something.

    Go Mountain LionsI love everything about UCCS- it’s perfections and imperfections. I love the way the clock tower sort of sounds a little off key at times– yet at the same time each time I hear it– I am reminded of when I heard it for the first time freshman year. It gives the campus this “regal” and “academic” feeling whether it’s off key or not.

    I loved how when I was a freshman- I could get from my dorm floor (Second Steamboat aka Steamy) to 1st vail without ever touching the pavement outside. (Because of the awesome connecting bridges.)

    I love how you can call professor’s by their first names. I love the cheer we do at Blackout Night when the Mountain Lions make a basket– ‘Boom! U-C-C-S!’

    I love the people. I love the students, the faculty, staff and the visitors who are all enthralled by our campus.

    UCCS Rocks!

    There ain’t no way to hide my LION eyes!

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