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  • 08:46:01 am on May 4, 2011 | Comments Off on Cancer Sucks!

    The gym2 peopleNow, I know it’s SUPER CHEESY to say that I’ve found my passion at UCCS, but I really have, I swear! Most people that know me, know that I’m ‘that Relay For Life girl’. Sometimes, it seems like a bad thing when I’m asking people for donations, but on weekends like this last one, I could not be more proud to be associated with Relay.

    For those of you who have never heard of Relay For Life, it is the American Cancer Society’s largest fundraiser for cancer research and patient services! It is a 12 hour event, where you camp, fundraise, and celebrate. There are teams of 8-15 people, and one person is required to walk at all times, representing the never ending battling of cancer patients.

    My freshman year at UCCS I was looking for something to get involved it. I had never done Relay For Life, but I’d heard about it, and always wondered what it was about. I’ve had two grandparents survive cancer, and it’s something that’s close to my heart. I went to an informational meeting just to see what it was about, and low and behold, I’ve been totally sucked in! I ended up becoming Chair of the Relay Planning Committee, and haven’t looked back since!

    It seems silly to say, but coming to UCCS and having the opportunity to get involved in Relay, has lead me to soooooo many other opportunities. Through Relay I’ve gotten to travel all over the country learning about different college Relay’s and what makes them a success. I’ve been selected as Colorado’s representative in the American Cancer Society Youth Task Force and made a bunch of great friends!

    ANYWHO, this last weekend, UCCS hosted it’s 8th annual Relay For Life event! The event goes from 7pm-7am, but as the part of the planning committee, I arrived at the Rec Center at 1pm to set up… it was going to be a long day! After a crazy afternoon of running around campus trying to get organized, teams started arriving at 4pm to set up their campsites! I love Relay because it’s composed of 200+ college kids camping over night in a gym… it just doesn’t get much better!

    My favorite part of the night is Mr. Relay. It always happens at midnight, and it’s where a guy from each team dresses up like a girl, and participates in a ‘beauty pageant’ of sorts. There are question and answer periods, and ends with a dance contest to fundraise money. The “lady” that brings in the most, wins! This year we had some hillarious answers, and the winner brought in $52!

    Altogether, it was a successful nighcontestt. We had over 250 people at the event, and raised almost $20,000 altogether! Thank you so much to all the amazing UCCS students, staff, and faculty who made this event a success, we could not have done it without you! For more information, go to uccsrelay.org!

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